Partnering with PizzApp
At PizzApp we value our employees as they are the lifeblood of our organisation. As such we offer monthly training sessions in both business acumen and financial wellness for all employees who choose to enrol in this initiative. The end goal of this initiative is to develop our employees’ business, interpersonal and financial skillset so that they may one day partner with us in owning their own PizzApp store.

If our staff grow, we grow! Employees are encouraged to take their financial future and well-being into their own hands, and that’s why PizzApp provides training and support that allows employees to participate in a long-term investment plan. The purpose of this is to help them raise the capital needed to partner with us in the future.

Loyalty, commitment and the tenacity to build a business comes from personal achievement and having hope for a meaningful future, together with a sense of ownership over one's career. We create this bond with our employees through grooming them to one day have ownership and control over their own store.