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Free pizza
Friends that use your invite code when signing up for PizzApp will earn 20 PizzApp Points (worth R20) as soon as their account is created.
Your account will be credited with 20 PizzApp Points as soon as they order their first pizza.
Find out what it means to have
pizza at your fingertips
PizzApp Points
PizzApp Points
  • PizzApp Points is the currency you use to get discounts.
  • Each point is worth R1.
Earning PizzApp Points
  • With every purchase, you earn PizzApp Points to the value of 5% of the money you spend.
  • You can also earn points by entering a valid promo code into the “Promo Code” section contained on the main menu of the app, or by clicking the “PizzApp Points” button contained on the app’s checkout screen.
You're just a few clicks away from having
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PizzApp ensures your financial security by making use of Peach Payments, a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified transaction platform and credit card storage vault to securely process your transactions. You can rest assured that your payment details are safe.