More about us
PizzApp is an online, application based service that connects you with your pizza using unparalleled simplicity. Simply open the menu, select and customise your pizza, click “Order”, and your specialty pizza will be delivered to you within minutes.

So where does the magic happen? Pizza preparation takes place in our mobile kitchens, incorporating premium quality wood-burning ovens to give you that authentic Italian flavour. Just like our pizza, our work stations are larger than life and have been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and efficient, ensuring that each experience with our brand is one to be remembered.

As you may by now have realised, PizzApp was born out of innovation and it is part of the DNA in all spheres of our business. We have a cross-pollination of ideas and technologies which merges traditional practice with the convenience of modern tech. Our entire service gravitates around simplifying the user’s experience.

But you can’t eat excellent service, and that’s why pizza is the heart and soul of the business; innovation is merely how we bring it to you. We have an unwavering commitment to the highest quality ingredients, put together so deliciously that you will never look anywhere else. Layers of flavour, crispy thin bases and cheeses that melt in your mouth are what we are about. So download the App, satisfy your appetite and enjoy being a part of the PizzApp family.